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Despite loss,LeBron James is the youngest player to reach 30K Points

LeBron James is the youngest player to score thirty-thousand points in his career.James and the Cavs aren’t playing great right now,though.They just fell to the Spurs and their record is 27-19.Make sure you tell me in the comments if you want me to do a post on the NBA Trade Deadline,because the Cavaliers will need to make some moves then.

LaVar Ball league proposal is challenging the NBA’s “One and done rule”

LaVar Ball,if you pay any attention to basketball is a crazy man who has three sons playing basketball:Lonzo (Lakers PG),LiAngelo (A former UCLA Wing who now pays in Lithuania),and LaMelo (PG who dropped out of high school and is playing in Lithuania as well.The one and done rule by the NBA is now being challenged by LaVar Ball’s new proposal.If the league is a success, the logo will be a picture of Lonzo Ball dunking.The Junior Basketball Association (JBA) is a league where high school players can play basketball and make money in the JBA.LaVar’s idea is that there will be eighty players spread out on eight teams.That means ten man rosters.Two catches is that players will have to wear Big Baller brand jerseys,shorts,and other things on game day and there are only sixty guys drafted and only a couple players end up being stars.This isn’t set yet but it could definitely change college basketball history.

Who was better?Kobe #8,or Kobe #24?

Kobe Bryant’s number eight and number twenty-four were retired last night in the Lakers’ two point loss to the Golden State Warriors.But on Kobe’s statue will he wear number 24 or number 8?Kobe said himself that he would put #24 on his state but was number #8 better?

Kobe had a better record wearing number eight and more Finals wins and appearances.Kobe never won a Finals MVP wearing number eight.This was the young Kobe.He and Shaq dominated in this era.He had a wing man,which makes you wonder what he would’ve done by himself wearing #8 in Los Angeles without Shaq in that era.We will never know.

This is the mature Kobe won less games wearing #24.Kobe won two championships and two Finals MVPs.Kobe said that fought through the most wearing #24 with injuries against the Celtics in 2010 and many more throughout his ten years wearing double-digits.

Choice:I think Kobe #24 is better.Why:(See above)

What we saw in the first duel between LeBron and Lonzo

Loans Ball and LeBron James are very comparable for many reasons.One is that they were both “prodigies” coming out of high school.Here’s what we saw in their first duel.

Outlook on Whole Game
The Cleveland Cavaliers did get the best of the Los Angeles Lakers,121-112.Dwyane Wade was out with an injury.Kevin Love led the Cavs with a game high of 28 points and 11 rebounds.Brandon Ingram led the Lakers with 26 points.

LeBron James had a triple-double last night, scoring 25 points,adding 12 rebounds, and 12 assists.LeBron was a beast last night doing everything possible to get his team the victory.

Lonzo Ball scored 13 points,11 assists, and 8 rebounds.Lonzo and the Lakers needed to impress LeBron to make him come to LA and I think they did a pretty good job at that.

I can’t wait for future match ups between these two.

Kyrie Irving is an MVP Candidate

Kyrie Irving just racked up 47 points for the Celtic’s sixteenth straight win.Kyrie Irving is now an MVP candidate.The Celtics have gone on a sixteen game winning streak since losing star Small Forward Gordon Hayward on opening night versus the Cavaliers.Kyrie Irving now has his own team, which he had wanted before being traded from the Cavs.He has a great supporting cast with veteran Center Al Horford,young wings in Jaylen Brown,and Jayson Tatum.It’s amazing to see how well Irving’s transition was from Cleveland to Boston.Irving is averaging 22.5 Points per Game,and his team,the Boston Celtics,lead the Eastern Conference standings with a 16-2 record.If Irving keeps this going,we could see him holding up a trophy this Summer.