The trade that would’ve brought Kyrie Irving to the Chicago Bulls:What if Kyrie Irving was traded to the Chicago Bulls?

What if Kyrie Irving was traded to the Bulls?Here’s how the trade would’ve gone down.Here’s the trade:
Cavs Receive
Jimmy Butler
Eric Bledsoe
Suns Receive
Kevin Love
2017 Cavs 1st Round Pick
2018 Cavs 1st Round Pick
Bulls Recieve
Kyrie Irving
Iman Shumpert
One reason the trade didn’t go down is because Jimmy Butler was traded to the Timberwolves on draft night,instead of the Cavaliers.
The reason this trade didn’t happen is because Kyrie wanted to play with Jimmy Butler,and since he was a part of the trade,that’s why the move didn’t happen.Also the GM for the Cavs,David Griffin,the man who created this trade was fired.But what if it did happen?Well first lets look at the starting lineups for each team.Starting five with the Cavs:G:Eric Bledsoe G:JR Smith F:Jimmy Butler F:LeBron James C:Tristan Thompson.LeBron James is playing the four after this move,and I think he’d definitely be okay with that.Anyway,the Warriors have had success with small ball lineups forever.And anytime they want to sub out JR Smith they could put LeBron at the three,and put one of their backup big guys inat the four.The Suns lineup would be:G:Brandon Knight G:Devin Booker F:Josh Jackson F:Kevin Love C:Tyson Chandler.I think that Kevin Love would fit greatly with Devin Booker,and the Suns.The Bulls starting five:G:Kyrie Irving G:Dwyane Wade G:Iman Shumpert F:Bobby Portis (Nikola Mitotic?) C:Robin Lopez.I know Bulls fans would be sad losing Jimmy Butler (like they already have in real life),but at least they’re getting a top-three point guard in the NBA who’s only twenty-five.I do’t see any team losing this trade.So I’m going to end this by predicting the records for each of these teams if the trade went down.So I’d say the Cavs would win fifty-five games with their new defensive savior in Jimmy Butler.Make sure to take a look at his story on this website.LeBron would probably average around twenty-four points,eight rebounds,and eight assists.I’m going to say that Jimmy Butler will be the main scorer for the team,and Eric Bledsoe will score around sixteen points per game for them.Now for the Bulls sake,I’m going to go with thirty-seven wins for them in the weak Eastern Conference.Maybe they would get more wins,but we’ll never know because the trade never went down.The Suns,I can see winning forty-one games in the six to eight seed race in the Western Conference.I came up with this idea from watching videos,and reading some short articles about this.What are your thoughts if this trade were to go down?


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