Should we still hate Kevin Durant?

Should we still hate Kevin Durant after he’s won a championship with Golden State?In my opinion,we should,and I’ll tell you why.First of all,in the season before KD left for Oakland (2015-16),he was texting with his soon to be teammates of the Warriors behind his OKC Thunder teammates’ backs the whole SEASON.After all of that,his Thunder team gave up a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals to the Warriors.Sure, Russell Westbrook didn’t have his best games,but still his team had a 3-1 lead on a seventy-three win team.After most of the Thunder players left the court after their series loss to the Warriors,analyst Stephen A. Smith said that KD stayed on the court,and said quote “See you soon” to his future teammates while hugging them.That’s only one reason why we should still hate him.Here are four more reasons why right here.

Everybody who was okay with Kevin Durant’s decision to leave for Oakland says:”LeBron did the same thing”,but actually it was totally different.LeBron left a Cleveland Cavaliers team who he had carried to sixty wins,but were bounced in the second round,and their second best player was Mo Williams!KD leaves a team who he had played for, for a very long time.He left to join a team that had just won seventy-three games the previous season!Meanwhile,LeBron left for just one all-star in guard Dwyane Wade,and they were joined by another all-star forward in Chris Bosh.Meanwhile,Kevin Durant joined a team with a two-time MVP in Stephen Curry,and two other all-stars in shooting specialist Klay Thomspon,and small ball master Draymond Green.So you get my point there right?

Kevin Durant said that,”He always had Russ’ back”,during his MVP speech,and said that,”He loved his his team so much.”KD always said that Russell Westbrook was his “brother”, his “right hand man”,and the most important thing Kevin said about his fellow all-star was when Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said that KD was the only star on OKC,and Kevin said “I’ve got Russell’s back.” These quotes are great,but when you leave for a team that’s competing against you for the Western Conference crown,I just don’t see why you’d do that.I get the “If you can’t beat them,join them” thing,but still OKC (and Seattle) had been his home for almost tean years!In his games against the Thunder his past season he was doing things to his old teammates you probably don’t want to know.I don’t understand why you would say such good things about your teammates if you were going to leave!

The NBA isn’t competititve anymore.Back when we had the Celtics,and the Lakers competing against each otherwas awesome.Bird versus Magic.There was always another team in title contention though,like Dr. J’s 76ers.Michael Jordan’s Bulls were either on the rise,or one they had their dynasty they always had,but somebody was always competing against them like Ewing’s Knicks.The Pistons,and the Hawks were good back in the late 80’s,and when the Lakers had Kobe and Shaq it would be the Suns,Spurs,or Kings competing against them in the Western Conference.The Southwest division was always competitive with Tim Duncan and the Spurs,and the defensive minded Grizzlies,and Dirk’s Mavericks,and even Chris Paul’s New Orleans Hornetsand Hakeem’s Houston Rockets,and even now with DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis’ New Orleans Pelicans,and still the Spurs are great.The Central Divison headed by LeBron’s Cavs,and Derrick Rose’s Bulls.The Pacers used to be good with Paul George,Roy Hibbert,and Lance Stephenson.The Southeast used to have LeBron’s Heat,and the sixty-two win Hawks.What my point is, is that everybody knows the Warriors will make the Finals,and most likely win it.Hockey is now getting more views than the NBA PLAYOFFS!Insane!Here’s what Kevin Durant said after he was asked about the NBA playoffs being so boring,here’s what he said:”If it’s boring don’t watch it.” No,Kevin. That’s insane. We basketball fans want,and love to watch,but since you decided to got to Oakland, it’s mostly your fault.When we basketball fans watch a primetime Rockets,Warriors game we want to watch it,but it’s not as fun because we know who’s ging to win the whole thing in June.

I heard Colin Cowherd,on his ports show, talk to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver about the NBA Finals,and that if the Warriors won in four or five games would he think that the NBA is unfair to every other team just a little bit,and Silver said quote “yes.” The Warriors did win in five games against the Cavs,anyway. So could we see some changes incoming?Maybe.The other contenders can’t do anything to beat the Warriors as the Cavs have no cap space,the Spurs didn’t sign Chris Paul,and the Celtics,I think are not ready to compete with the Warriors.

I definitley wanted to put my thoughts out on this,but for now make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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