Why LaMelo Ball versus Zion Williamson was CRAZY!

The top ranked power forward in the 2018 class,Zion Williamson, versus 2019 stud point guard LaMelo Ball was crazy!Zion’s South Carolina Supreme against LaVar Ball the Head Coach of the the Big Baller Brand team,and his leading his team,his son, LaMelo Ball.LaMelo,remember,should be a high school Freshman,but is a High School Sophomore because of his baketball skills.This was one of the most hyped up games in AAU history,as this was the first time LaMelo and Zion played against each other.Zion recorded 31 points,and 8 rebounds,and LaMelo scored 34 points,added 12 rebounds,and had 5 more assists.80,000 people were watching on livestream,and even more were there at the game watching two top high school prospects going at it.They almost had to cancel the game because of how many people were there.It was one of the most hyped up games in AAU since LeBron James played AAU back in 2002 and 2003.Zion Williamson is an athletic freak with a great all-around game.LaMelo Ball,I think everyone knows who he is because his dad is one of the craziest guys I’ve ever heard,and an internet sensation,and his two other brothers are great at basketball as well.NBA players Lonzo Ball (LaMelo’s brother),Damian Lillard,Andrew Wiggins,and Thon Maker were in attendance.That just shows you how hyped up NBA players are now to see the future of the league.LeBron James was going to show up,but his personnel told him it was too hectic in there,too many people.So LBJ didn’t go in the arena,just like he was told.

Breaking down LaMelo Ball’s performance:Other than LaMelo scoring thirty-four points,he didn’t take some great shots.He was able to facilitate like his brother Lonzo,and actually play some defense unlike he usually does.LaMelo made some nice passes to his teammates,and his help defense was not that bad.Now eight turnovers for him,is not great,but he’s only a Sophomore in high school so he’ll improve on that.I can see why he’s labeled as such a good basketball player,but I think he’ll take that next step in this upcoming season without his two older brothers.So I think this isn’t his best game,but it is definitely not his worst.

Breaking down Zion Williamson’s performance:Zion can throw it down.He might of had some missed dunks because of the crazy windmills,or other moves he would do sometimes,but that okay in my opinion.The only thing I see as a flaw in Zion’s game is his free-throw shooting.He shot thirty-one percent from the charity strike which means that he shot 6-19 from the line,meaning that LaMelo’s team the Big Ballers almost won the game.His eight rebounds were awesome because of his athleticism.I think Zion played well,but because of his one flaw,his free throw shooting,he played great,just not legendary which isn’t expected out of a young player.

Both of these players are awesome young players,but you can’t compare them becuase they play different positions.And two,they both play different positions.

Here’s the link to my other post about the Ball Family:https://alleyoop2017.wordpress.com/2017/07/23/why-liangelo-ball-will-prove-his-dad-wrongand-make-the-nba/

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