Why LeBron James will beat the Warriors in 2018

Why LeBron James will beat the Warriors in 2018!All of this Kyrie trade talk stuff has been all on LeBron.He has fire in his soul that says I just need to be the best player in the NBA,and never give up.Regardless of what happens with Kyrie,the Cavs will return with a chance at another NBA Finals.Because the Cavaliers always make the NBA Finals,LeBron can just over power Kevin Durant.Now it doesn’t always work that way,but if LeBron comes back healthy,and his team can actually be a threat defensively, I can see the Cavs beating the Warriors in seven.I think LeBron,in this upcoming season,will have his best season as a Cavalier,and just telling his teammates “Get the heck out of my way,and let me score.” With this mentality,I definitley think LeBron has the skill,still, at age thirty-three to will his team to an NBA Finals win.It won’t be easy,but I believe in LeBron.I just think LeBron will show why he’s an all-time great,and lead his Cavs team,and earn his fourth ring.I just think that LeBron,and hopefully a defender that LeBron gets out of the Kyrie trade can will the Cavs to victory over Golden State.This is kind of a short rant,but it’s all I’ve got to say about it.

Make sure to comment your thoughts,and I’ll definitely respond to each and every one of you.


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