Top 15:Ranking The Last 15 NBA MVP Seasons

This is a new series.Ranking the Top 15 with NBA categories,and we’re going to start off with the ranking the last fifteen NBA MVP Seasons.

15.Steve Nash,PG,Phoenix Suns
2005 NBA MVP
2004-05 Stats:15.5 PPG,11.5 APG,3.3 RPG
14.Derrick Rose,PG,Chicago Bulls
2011 MVP
2010-11 Stats:25 PPG,4.1 RPG,7.7 APG
13.Steve Nash,PG,Phoenix Suns
2006 NBA MVP
2005-06 Stats:18.8 PPG,10.5 APG,4.2 RPG
12.Kobe Bryant,SG,Los Angeles Lakers
2008 NBA MVP
2007-08 Stats:28.3 PPG,5.4 APG,6.3 RPG
11.LeBron James,SF,Miami Heat
2012 NBA MVP
2011-12 Stats:27.1 PPG,6.1 APG,7.9 RPG
10.Stephen Curry,PG,Golden State Warriors
2015 NBA MVP
2014-15 Stats:23.8 PPG,7.7. APG,4.3 RPG
9.Dirk Nowitzki,PF,Dallas Mavericks
2007 NBA MVP
2006-07 Stats:24.6 PPG,8.9 RPG,3.4 APG
8.Tim Duncan,PF,San Antonio Spurs
2003 NBA MVP
2002-03 Stats:23.3 PPG,12.9 RPG,3.9 APG
7.LeBron James,PG/SF,Cleveland Cavaliers
2010 NBA MVP
2009-10 Stats:29.7 PPG,7.3 RPG,8.6 APG
6.Kevin Garnett,PF,Minnesota Timberwolves
2004 NBA MVP
2003-04 Stats:24.2 PPG,13.9 RPG,5 APG
5.Kevin Durant,SF,Oklahoma City Thunder
2014 NBA MVP
2013-14 Stats:32 PPG,7.4 RPG,5.5 APG
4.Stephen Curry,PG,Golden State
2016 NBA MVP
2015-16 Stats:30.1 PPG,5.4 RPG,6.7 APG
3.LeBron James,SF,Miami Heat
2013 NBA MVP
2012-13 Stats:26.8 PPG,8 RPG,7.3 APG
2.Russell Westbrook,PG,Oklahoma City Thunder
2017 NBA MVP
2016-17 Stats:31.6 PPG,10.7 RPG,10.4 APG
1.LeBron James,PG/SF,Cleveland Cavaliers
2008-09 Stats:28.4 PPG,7.6 RPG,7.2 APG

If you’re confused about this list or think there are changes that need to be made here’s the video: And as always give me your thoughts down in the comments section below.


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