Carmelo Anthony traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Kanter,McDermott,2nd Round Pick

A couple of days ago,New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony wa traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Enes Kanter,Doug McDermott,and a second round pick.

OKC Thunder Perspective
Carmelo Anthony,even if he is a star in decline,is a pure scorer at the forward position.The Thunder had to go all in this Summer because next Summer their franchise player,Russell Westbrook,has a player option.They acquired former Pacers superstar Paul George for almost nothing.Now they have Carmelo Anthony,one of the best scorers the NBA has ever seen.The NBA should be afraid of this team.I’ll make a post on that topic later.The Thunder are ready to go deep into the playoffs.I wouldn’t bet on them making the playoffs immediately,but if they play well,I think they can.OKC is primed for a deep run in the playoffs.

New York Knicks Perspective
New York finally gets rid of Carmelo Anthony.They receive two decent players in Center Enes Kanter,and Small Forward DOug McDermott.Kanter,and McDermott are two good offensive players,but their defensive stats are miserable.Because of their defense,the comined for twenty-two averaged minutes in the playoffs last season.Both of these guys are decent players.New York didn’t get enough back,even if they were getting a second round pick on top of those two players.

I will be doing more about this trade later.


Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade confirmed!

The Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade won’t be voided by the Cavs,even though Isaiah Thomas is hurt.The Celtics put in one extra asset,a 2020 second round pick to get the Cavaliers to officially agree to the deal.This has been the craziest off season ever!Kyrie Irving is a Boston Celtic!

Developing Story:Cleveland Cavaliers might void Kyrie Irving trade!

The Cleveland Cavaliers received star Point Guard Isaiah Thomas back in the block buster Cavs-Celtics deal.But the weird thing is somehow the Celtics got the trade to go through with Isaiah Thomas injuring his hip.During the Eastern Conference Finals last year Isaiah Thomas injured his hip.He elected to not get surgery,but when Thomas was traded to the Cavs,and got his physical the Cavs doctors advised for Thomas to get surgery meaning that he would miss some time during the Regular Season.The real thing is though,the Cavs are seeking more assets from the Celtics because of Thomas’ injury!The injury shouldn’t be able to void the trade if their looking for more.So you see the delimma.It’s insane this off season,and I’ll blog everytime I get more information about this.

Who won Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas blockbuster trade?

Kyrie Irving was traded to the Celtics just a couple of days ago.Who would’ve thought that Irving was going to be traded to Boston?Everybody thought that Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens had his team in place for the future.Everybody thought he would keep his core intact.The Cavs pulled the trigger,and let go of Kyrie Irving.But the real question is:Who won the trade?Well,first let’s look at the trade:

Boston Celtics Receive
Kyrie Irving
Cleveland Cavaliers Receive
Isaiah Thomas
Jae Crowder
Ante Zizic
Brooklyn 2018 First Round Pick

Let’s first break this trade down,and then I’ll pick a winner.

The Cavaliers are good for the short term future by acquiring star Point Guard Isaiah Thomas.Even though Thomas is the best player on the move to Cleveland,there are some doubts about his move over to Cleveland.The first thing is that if LeBron James is leaving next Summer,Isaiah Thomas is looking for max money elsewhere.There are also complaints saying that Thomas can’t play off ball with LeBron James because he’s too short at 5’9,but in my opinion,this guy was almost a thirty-point scorer,and he’s a great off ball player as well.I know he won’t put those numbers up in Cleveland,but he will put up,probalbly at least eighteen to twenty-two points per game.Getting a perimeter defender in Jae Crowder is something the Cavs have needed for a long time.Crowder scored almost fourteen a game in Boston last year,playing both his natural Small Forward posting,and the small ball Power Forward,or even at the Shooting Guard as well.Crowder can play as a starter or off the bench.Ante Zizic,not to be mean,is someone we don’t need to talk about,so let’s get into the next,and last piece they got in this trade,the Brooklyn 2018 First Round Pick.Danny Ainge,Boston’s General Manager,finally let go of the pick,giving a top-three projected pick to the Cavs.If the Cavaliers think that both Isaiah Thomas,and LeBron James are going to leave,they can draft somebody like Michael Porter Jr., or Marvin Bagley.So you see how the Cavs are only ready for the short term future,not the long future.That wraps up what the Cavs received,so now let’s talk about Kyrie Irving.

The only player in this move that Boston got was Kyrie Irving,who’s wanted his own team for a little less than a month now.Irving isn’t really getting his own team as he already has star Small Forward Gordon Hayward,Rookie sensation Jayson Tatum,Al Horford at the Center,and many more pieces around him.You’re thinking that this a great move for the Celtics.It is,but it’s not.Kyrie Irving,in most of the media’s opinion is a better player than Isaiah Thomas,but really Isaiah Thomas fit better with the Celtics.Isaiah is a player with off ball skills (as seen above),and liked (at least we think) the situation in Boston.Irving,and Hayward are two ball heavy players so I don’t know how that’s going to work.Also with young Small Forwards Jaylen Brown,and Jayson Tatum,and point guard Marcus Smart,it’s going to be hard to share the ball in Boston.There’s really nothing else to talk about right now,soI’m going to pick a winner of this blockbuster trade.

Winner:Cleveland Cavaliers
The only reason I’m saying this (I’m not trying to be buyest) is because of the Brooklyn 2018 First Round Pick.They could turn that pick into trade bait for somebody that would make LeBron James stay.So I’m picking the Cavs,as winners of this trade,but that doesn’t mean that the Celtics get better in this trade because they actually do.

Player Breakdown:Why Zion Williamson is a FUTURE NBA STAR

Why Zion Williamson is a future NBA star!Zion,as of now is the second ranked player in the 2018 class according to ESPN.Today I’m here with another player breakdown.Zion Williamson,is a 6’7 Power Forward,but will most likely have to play at the Small Forward position because he’s not tall enough to play at the four in the NBA.Before,ninth grade Zion was a Point Guard.As an eighth grader he was only five-nine,but he eventually grew to now six foot seven.In high school ball,in South Carolina,he scored a ton,making not so good South Carolina high school basketball teams worse.Zion won a State Championship,and averaged thirty-seven points as a Junior.Zion can shoot,which is always great,especially in the NBA now.Drake got a custom Zion Williamson jersey,which everyone knows that means that that kid can ball,but until last Summer know one saw the dunks,the blocks that went into the stands until the Summer of 2016.This was because of his lackluster high school opponents.Zion played in many camps,and balled out against older five-star players at many camps in the past two years.Zion,since then, has played for the South Carolina Supreme,an AAU team,and gone up against LaMelo Ball!This was one of he most hyped up games,and I’ve already blogged about it,and I put the link to it in the comments.Zion did amazing keeping his composure,as he scored thirty-one points,and added eight rebounds!I was even lucky to see Zion play,as well!Zion said that he doesn’t want to have trouble off the court,he wants to give back to the community,and he wants to win at least three rings.Winning three rings is tough,but giving back to his community,and having no trouble off the court is amazing!I definitely,now,after hearing this,am on the Zion Williamson hype train,and believe that he’s going to be balling for any college he goes to,and in the pros.Zion watches game film on LeBron James,Russell Westbrook,and Kawhi Leonard.Watching LeBron is great,(I don’t have to explain why),watching Russell is great so he can improve his in-game toughness,and demeanor,and watching Kawhi,the best defender in the NBA,will greatly improve his game,too.I love Zion’s game,and I’m ready to see where he goes to in college.And please,Zion don’t go to Duke!

#1 Player in the 2018 Class Marvin Bagley may skip Senior Year,and go to College this year

The 6’11 Marvin Bagley,and number one player in high school,regardless of class,has decided to skip his Senior season in high school if he’s allowed to do so.Bagley is the number one player in the 2018 class,and the best high school player regardless of class,and will visit Duke,Kentucky,Kansas,USC,and UCLA,and I’m sure many other schools.If he is able to skip his Senior season,then he’ll be elgible for the 2018 NBA Draft.NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been thinking about changing the one and done rule back to where players can come straight out of high school,and be elgible for the draft.It hasn’t happened yet,but I think it’s bound to happen.For all the latest news,ch2 is signing out.

Top 15:Ranking The Last 15 NBA MVP Seasons

This is a new series.Ranking the Top 15 with NBA categories,and we’re going to start off with the ranking the last fifteen NBA MVP Seasons.

15.Steve Nash,PG,Phoenix Suns
2005 NBA MVP
2004-05 Stats:15.5 PPG,11.5 APG,3.3 RPG
14.Derrick Rose,PG,Chicago Bulls
2011 MVP
2010-11 Stats:25 PPG,4.1 RPG,7.7 APG
13.Steve Nash,PG,Phoenix Suns
2006 NBA MVP
2005-06 Stats:18.8 PPG,10.5 APG,4.2 RPG
12.Kobe Bryant,SG,Los Angeles Lakers
2008 NBA MVP
2007-08 Stats:28.3 PPG,5.4 APG,6.3 RPG
11.LeBron James,SF,Miami Heat
2012 NBA MVP
2011-12 Stats:27.1 PPG,6.1 APG,7.9 RPG
10.Stephen Curry,PG,Golden State Warriors
2015 NBA MVP
2014-15 Stats:23.8 PPG,7.7. APG,4.3 RPG
9.Dirk Nowitzki,PF,Dallas Mavericks
2007 NBA MVP
2006-07 Stats:24.6 PPG,8.9 RPG,3.4 APG
8.Tim Duncan,PF,San Antonio Spurs
2003 NBA MVP
2002-03 Stats:23.3 PPG,12.9 RPG,3.9 APG
7.LeBron James,PG/SF,Cleveland Cavaliers
2010 NBA MVP
2009-10 Stats:29.7 PPG,7.3 RPG,8.6 APG
6.Kevin Garnett,PF,Minnesota Timberwolves
2004 NBA MVP
2003-04 Stats:24.2 PPG,13.9 RPG,5 APG
5.Kevin Durant,SF,Oklahoma City Thunder
2014 NBA MVP
2013-14 Stats:32 PPG,7.4 RPG,5.5 APG
4.Stephen Curry,PG,Golden State
2016 NBA MVP
2015-16 Stats:30.1 PPG,5.4 RPG,6.7 APG
3.LeBron James,SF,Miami Heat
2013 NBA MVP
2012-13 Stats:26.8 PPG,8 RPG,7.3 APG
2.Russell Westbrook,PG,Oklahoma City Thunder
2017 NBA MVP
2016-17 Stats:31.6 PPG,10.7 RPG,10.4 APG
1.LeBron James,PG/SF,Cleveland Cavaliers
2008-09 Stats:28.4 PPG,7.6 RPG,7.2 APG

If you’re confused about this list or think there are changes that need to be made here’s the video: And as always give me your thoughts down in the comments section below.