Dwyane Wade tells the story of the 2010 NBA Free Agency

This is Dwyane Wade telling the story of the 2010 Free Agency in which he and LeBron,and Chris Bosh went to Miami,but what if they went a different route?Just read the story,and give me your thoughts.

We all wondered in 2010 why LeBron James and Dwyane Wade went to Miami with Chris Bosh when they could have come to Chicago to play with Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah Luol Deng and Taj Gibson. It seemingly would have been a much better and more complete team than the one in Miami, which had to be rebuilt around them, but which did go to four consecutive NBA Finals, winning two.

So they obviously didn’t make a mistake.

But Wade Thursday after Bulls practice in extended public comments about the most celebrated free agency in NBA history said he and James were serious about joining the Bulls, that if the Bulls had succeeded in an effort to trade Luol Deng to add salary cap space it was possible, that it never was a longtime conspiracy among the three to come together, that, in fact, Wade had told the Heat they’d never get James, and that, in the end, James and Wade decided that with Rose it would be three ball dominant players and better to try it with two and Bosh.

“It was us trying to put together our dream team in a sense,” said Wade. “Chicago was very tempting from a standpoint of what they had on the roster when it came to the young talent. But when it came to the point Miami was able to get three players, that changed the whole dynamic of the summer. It would be a different story (if the Bulls were able to trade Deng). We thought about it. That didn’t happen. It was something they (Bulls) talked about. They were very open with us with what they were trying to do. They heard the news of Miami being able to bring three players in. But it never happened. So we never had to think that far. They (Miami) came with the idea that they can get three players. We never thought it was possible. I was shocked when I heard it could happen. But I know LeBron’s eyes were here (Chicago). I know my eyes were here. I know Chris’ eyes were kind of everywhere because he was in Toronto, so he was just happy that people knew who he was. Toronto was a little different than it is today.

I mean, this was a place I wanted to play. It was a place that LeBron also loved. We loved the city of Chicago. It’s a great market, as well. Obviously, the sunny sun of Miami is great, too. We had two great choices.”

-Dwyane Wade about Chicago after two free agency visits in 2010 and stunned the NBA by leaving Miami to return home, as he insisted he always wanted to do.

“It pretty much boiled down to what we felt we could build. We had to build a whole team in Miami. Obviously, here they had players already. But once we got me, ‘Bron and Chris, we had to now take pay cuts to build a team. It was obviously tougher to do it in Miami, but because we wanted to play together, us three, we decided to do it there.”

“I think we made a good choice,” said Wade. “It worked out. It wasn’t like they had all three roster (spots); they couldn’t get all three of us and add us to the mix of what was going on. It was going to be kind of a sense where Chicago could’ve got two players and it probably was going to be LeBron and Chris or me and Chris. Miami was able to get all three of us. And we really wanted to play together at that moment once we found out it could be a thing. At the same time, you have to look at it, too. They did have a young Derrick Rose. What, he got MVP that next year? So you’re already talking two guys who are ball dominant. And then you have a young up-and-coming star in the league who is ball dominant. At that time, I don’t think it would’ve worked out for us. We took our two ball-dominant selves away from having three guys as ball dominant. So instead of it being me, LeBron and Derrick Rose, it’s going to be a tough one. So we decided to pick what we thought was better from a basketball standpoint.”Which is how history and geniuses are made in sports. Wade confirmed the Bulls’ effort was far superior to any other teams’ in the NBA as far as trying to recruit the all-time free agents. Wade also shot down the speculation and conspiracy theories that this was percolating among the three as far back as the 2006 World Championships and brewed to a boil at the 2008 Olympics. Nonsense, said Wade, but thanks for the credit of believing they were so smart they could have maneuvered and manipulated such a coup. Further proof was said to be that Heat owner Micky Arison’s son was an intern for the 2006 USA team in Japan, the first time the three played together, and that all signed similar extension to become 2010 free agents. Gotcha!But Wade said when Miami owner Arison approached him after that Olympics about whether the Heat could get James, Wade said he told Arison to forget it, that there was no chance.

“Crazy notion,” laughed Wade. “I wish we were that smart. Thank you for giving us credit of seeing in the future. That theory is crazy. So I’m going to play for two seasons, may get hurt, but let’s hope that this happens in two years? Nah. I never thought me and LeBron would play together. It was a question posed to me, y’all can ask Micky Arison; asked me a year or two before, ‘You think LeBron would like to come to Miami?’ I said. ‘You got a 0.0000.1 percent chance.’ It was a powerful .1 percent because he ended up coming, but I had no idea, I never thought it would be possible. I never thought besides All Star games and Olympics, I never thought about the NBA, taking the same court. But when it presented itself, you open it up, you start the conversation, you start looking at it a little different. That’s what happened. Thank everybody for thinking we were that smart but this kind of happened when it happened.”

Which perhaps makes it that much more frustrating for the Bulls since it was obviously much closer than any of us imagined. Wade confirmed his and LeBron’s relationship with Bosh was vital since they both knew and liked Bosh, but also liked his fit as a player. Wade said he knew LeBron was working with the Cavs that 2009-10 season to trade for Bosh because James didn’t want to leave Cleveland, and James then was trying to get Bosh to make a free agency commitment. But Bosh did not want to play and live in Cleveland.

Would the three have come to Chicago if the Bulls had succeeded in moving Deng to the Clippers as the Bulls had done with trading Kirk Hinrich to Washington, essentially for salary cap space for free agency? The Clippers were one of six teams that summer along with the Knicks and Nets bidding for the top free agents. Clippers’ management reportedly wanted to make the Deng trade. Then owner Donald Sterling overruled them, saying they could do better with the cap space. They instead signed free agents Brian Cook, Ryan Gomes and Randy Foye.

Rose did go on to win the league MVP that season and the Bulls led the league in wins. Though the Bulls lost in five games to the Heat in the conference finals, they were deeper and younger and the view was they could catch and surpass Miami the next season. The Bulls again led the NBA in wins in the 2011-12 lockout season, but then Rose suffered his severe knee injury the first game of the 2012 playoffs and Miami went on to the first of two consecutive championships.

Then after losing to the Spurs in the 2014 Finals, James returned to Cleveland and won the title with the Cavaliers last June. Wade then stunned Miami and the NBA world in signing with the Bulls last July. Bosh with blot clot health problems has not been able to play.These memories, possibilities and reflections about the historic implications came up after practice with the Bulls Friday hosting defending champion Cleveland and James in the United Center in the Bulls’ fourth preseason game. James is not expected to play as he’s resting much of the preseason. Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg said Wade will play Friday, but perhaps not Saturday in Milwaukee or Monday back home against Charlotte.

They (Miami) came with the idea that they can get three players. We never thought it was possible. I was shocked when I heard it could happen. But I know LeBron’s eyes were here (Chicago). I know my eyes were here.Wade, in a revealing 20-minute session with reporters that was his most wide-ranging analysis of that summer, said the trio did understand the potentially consequential ramifications of their decision, which was largely unpopular at the time. The blowback about creating super teams has since diminished, though Kevin Durant has been criticized by some for going to Golden State. Though not nearly to the extent for James.

“We definitely knew it was big,” said Wade. “Obviously, we knew we had to win to make it something. We knew we were embarking on something big. You don’t know exactly what it is; we won’t know even probably for years from now. That first year was a tough year for us. You’ve got guys who at that time had been in this league and fans love. Media wasn’t too bad on us, either. And everything turned because we decided to play together. From a competitive standpoint you love that it was sold out every time you go to the arena; boos are fine. But just the things that people had to say about us, the decision we made to play the game of basketball together. There was a lot of negative attention on that. We took the hit of that. No one else is going to take that kind of hit when it comes to that. Just like Allen Iverson took the hit for tattoos and braids and headbands. Everyone does it now. So we understood what we were embarking on, and that’s why it was huge. I’m not saying we were the first to do it because I know other teams have tried to, but in the point of where we were name wise in our career, in the prime of our career, we were kind of the most powerful to do it at that time. But hey, we did what we wanted to do and that’s what it always came back to us. After that first year, that’s why we got back to playing the game, enjoying the game. It became, ‘We came together to win championships, let’s take care of business.’ ‘’

Wade also offered a salient point about why it was time and appropriate for such a decision. After all, this is what freedom of movement is about, what players fought for over the years. What all workers seek. Why should players be tied to the whims of only one team? Without going into that, Wade was saying it’s basically what the freedoms of the United States are about.

“It was different for the NBA at that time,” Wade agreed. “Everyone had this perception that it was… ‘Best players play against each other.’ You do it with your own team. I don’t think Magic was the only person on his team. I don’t think Larry Bird was the only person on his team. They’ve got multiple Hall of Fame players. So you understand from that standpoint what it takes to be really successful in this league. You want to give yourself a chance. Just the fact that we were both big names. All in all, we’re just like everyone else. We just decided to play together.

“At the end of the day whether you dislike the Heat or you loved the Heat, you were tuning in to watch the Heat,” said Wade. “Same thing with Golden State. Whether you dislike what happened with Kevin Durant or whatever the case may be, you’re going to tune in to watch, whether you dislike the Heat or you loved the Heat, you were tuning in to watch the Heat,” said Wade. “Same thing with Golden State. Whether you dislike what happened with Kevin Durant or whatever the case may be, you’re going to tune in to watch, whether you want him to succeed or fail. Our game is growing. Eyes are on our game. And at the end of the day, me as a player, I just love the fact that players have the ability to control their own destiny. That’s what we fight for. When it comes to lockouts, all these types of things, we want to be able to do the things that we want to do because they can trade us at any moment, they can get rid of us at any moment. So to have the power to be able to do what we did in 2010, that felt great. That was a great moment for us; three young African-American kids got the opportunity to control their own destiny and call their own shots. That’s what we wanted. Our game is not taking a hit, our game has only grown.’’

dislike the Heat or you loved the Heat, you were tuning in to watch the Heat,” said Wade. “Same thing with Golden State. Whether you dislike what happened with Kevin Durant or whatever the case may be, you’re going to tune in to watch, whether you want him to succeed or fail. Our game is growing. Eyes are on our game. And at the end of the day, me as a player, I just love the fact that players have the ability to control their own destiny. That’s what we fight for. When it comes to lockouts, all these types of things, we want to be able to do the things that we want to do because they can trade us at any moment, they can get rid of us at any moment. So to have the power to be able to do what we did in 2010, that felt great. That was a great moment for us; three young African-American kids got the opportunity to control their own destiny and call their own shots. That’s what we wanted. Our game is not taking a hit, our game has only grown.’’


Why LaMelo Ball versus Zion Williamson was CRAZY!

The top ranked power forward in the 2018 class,Zion Williamson, versus 2019 stud point guard LaMelo Ball was crazy!Zion’s South Carolina Supreme against LaVar Ball the Head Coach of the the Big Baller Brand team,and his leading his team,his son, LaMelo Ball.LaMelo,remember,should be a high school Freshman,but is a High School Sophomore because of his baketball skills.This was one of the most hyped up games in AAU history,as this was the first time LaMelo and Zion played against each other.Zion recorded 31 points,and 8 rebounds,and LaMelo scored 34 points,added 12 rebounds,and had 5 more assists.80,000 people were watching on livestream,and even more were there at the game watching two top high school prospects going at it.They almost had to cancel the game because of how many people were there.It was one of the most hyped up games in AAU since LeBron James played AAU back in 2002 and 2003.Zion Williamson is an athletic freak with a great all-around game.LaMelo Ball,I think everyone knows who he is because his dad is one of the craziest guys I’ve ever heard,and an internet sensation,and his two other brothers are great at basketball as well.NBA players Lonzo Ball (LaMelo’s brother),Damian Lillard,Andrew Wiggins,and Thon Maker were in attendance.That just shows you how hyped up NBA players are now to see the future of the league.LeBron James was going to show up,but his personnel told him it was too hectic in there,too many people.So LBJ didn’t go in the arena,just like he was told.

Breaking down LaMelo Ball’s performance:Other than LaMelo scoring thirty-four points,he didn’t take some great shots.He was able to facilitate like his brother Lonzo,and actually play some defense unlike he usually does.LaMelo made some nice passes to his teammates,and his help defense was not that bad.Now eight turnovers for him,is not great,but he’s only a Sophomore in high school so he’ll improve on that.I can see why he’s labeled as such a good basketball player,but I think he’ll take that next step in this upcoming season without his two older brothers.So I think this isn’t his best game,but it is definitely not his worst.

Breaking down Zion Williamson’s performance:Zion can throw it down.He might of had some missed dunks because of the crazy windmills,or other moves he would do sometimes,but that okay in my opinion.The only thing I see as a flaw in Zion’s game is his free-throw shooting.He shot thirty-one percent from the charity strike which means that he shot 6-19 from the line,meaning that LaMelo’s team the Big Ballers almost won the game.His eight rebounds were awesome because of his athleticism.I think Zion played well,but because of his one flaw,his free throw shooting,he played great,just not legendary which isn’t expected out of a young player.

Both of these players are awesome young players,but you can’t compare them becuase they play different positions.And two,they both play different positions.

Here’s the link to my other post about the Ball Family:https://alleyoop2017.wordpress.com/2017/07/23/why-liangelo-ball-will-prove-his-dad-wrongand-make-the-nba/

Make sure to comment your thoughts on this!

Why LeBron James will beat the Warriors in 2018

Why LeBron James will beat the Warriors in 2018!All of this Kyrie trade talk stuff has been all on LeBron.He has fire in his soul that says I just need to be the best player in the NBA,and never give up.Regardless of what happens with Kyrie,the Cavs will return with a chance at another NBA Finals.Because the Cavaliers always make the NBA Finals,LeBron can just over power Kevin Durant.Now it doesn’t always work that way,but if LeBron comes back healthy,and his team can actually be a threat defensively, I can see the Cavs beating the Warriors in seven.I think LeBron,in this upcoming season,will have his best season as a Cavalier,and just telling his teammates “Get the heck out of my way,and let me score.” With this mentality,I definitley think LeBron has the skill,still, at age thirty-three to will his team to an NBA Finals win.It won’t be easy,but I believe in LeBron.I just think LeBron will show why he’s an all-time great,and lead his Cavs team,and earn his fourth ring.I just think that LeBron,and hopefully a defender that LeBron gets out of the Kyrie trade can will the Cavs to victory over Golden State.This is kind of a short rant,but it’s all I’ve got to say about it.

Make sure to comment your thoughts,and I’ll definitely respond to each and every one of you.

Should we still hate Kevin Durant?

Should we still hate Kevin Durant after he’s won a championship with Golden State?In my opinion,we should,and I’ll tell you why.First of all,in the season before KD left for Oakland (2015-16),he was texting with his soon to be teammates of the Warriors behind his OKC Thunder teammates’ backs the whole SEASON.After all of that,his Thunder team gave up a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals to the Warriors.Sure, Russell Westbrook didn’t have his best games,but still his team had a 3-1 lead on a seventy-three win team.After most of the Thunder players left the court after their series loss to the Warriors,analyst Stephen A. Smith said that KD stayed on the court,and said quote “See you soon” to his future teammates while hugging them.That’s only one reason why we should still hate him.Here are four more reasons why right here.

Everybody who was okay with Kevin Durant’s decision to leave for Oakland says:”LeBron did the same thing”,but actually it was totally different.LeBron left a Cleveland Cavaliers team who he had carried to sixty wins,but were bounced in the second round,and their second best player was Mo Williams!KD leaves a team who he had played for, for a very long time.He left to join a team that had just won seventy-three games the previous season!Meanwhile,LeBron left for just one all-star in guard Dwyane Wade,and they were joined by another all-star forward in Chris Bosh.Meanwhile,Kevin Durant joined a team with a two-time MVP in Stephen Curry,and two other all-stars in shooting specialist Klay Thomspon,and small ball master Draymond Green.So you get my point there right?

Kevin Durant said that,”He always had Russ’ back”,during his MVP speech,and said that,”He loved his his team so much.”KD always said that Russell Westbrook was his “brother”, his “right hand man”,and the most important thing Kevin said about his fellow all-star was when Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said that KD was the only star on OKC,and Kevin said “I’ve got Russell’s back.” These quotes are great,but when you leave for a team that’s competing against you for the Western Conference crown,I just don’t see why you’d do that.I get the “If you can’t beat them,join them” thing,but still OKC (and Seattle) had been his home for almost tean years!In his games against the Thunder his past season he was doing things to his old teammates you probably don’t want to know.I don’t understand why you would say such good things about your teammates if you were going to leave!

The NBA isn’t competititve anymore.Back when we had the Celtics,and the Lakers competing against each otherwas awesome.Bird versus Magic.There was always another team in title contention though,like Dr. J’s 76ers.Michael Jordan’s Bulls were either on the rise,or one they had their dynasty they always had,but somebody was always competing against them like Ewing’s Knicks.The Pistons,and the Hawks were good back in the late 80’s,and when the Lakers had Kobe and Shaq it would be the Suns,Spurs,or Kings competing against them in the Western Conference.The Southwest division was always competitive with Tim Duncan and the Spurs,and the defensive minded Grizzlies,and Dirk’s Mavericks,and even Chris Paul’s New Orleans Hornetsand Hakeem’s Houston Rockets,and even now with DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis’ New Orleans Pelicans,and still the Spurs are great.The Central Divison headed by LeBron’s Cavs,and Derrick Rose’s Bulls.The Pacers used to be good with Paul George,Roy Hibbert,and Lance Stephenson.The Southeast used to have LeBron’s Heat,and the sixty-two win Hawks.What my point is, is that everybody knows the Warriors will make the Finals,and most likely win it.Hockey is now getting more views than the NBA PLAYOFFS!Insane!Here’s what Kevin Durant said after he was asked about the NBA playoffs being so boring,here’s what he said:”If it’s boring don’t watch it.” No,Kevin. That’s insane. We basketball fans want,and love to watch,but since you decided to got to Oakland, it’s mostly your fault.When we basketball fans watch a primetime Rockets,Warriors game we want to watch it,but it’s not as fun because we know who’s ging to win the whole thing in June.

I heard Colin Cowherd,on his ports show, talk to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver about the NBA Finals,and that if the Warriors won in four or five games would he think that the NBA is unfair to every other team just a little bit,and Silver said quote “yes.” The Warriors did win in five games against the Cavs,anyway. So could we see some changes incoming?Maybe.The other contenders can’t do anything to beat the Warriors as the Cavs have no cap space,the Spurs didn’t sign Chris Paul,and the Celtics,I think are not ready to compete with the Warriors.

I definitley wanted to put my thoughts out on this,but for now make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Why the Derrick Rose signing was incredible for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Why the Derrick Rose signing was incredible for the Cleveland Cavaliers.Rose went from making $150 million dollars to now just the veterans minimum at 2.1 million a year.But why was this signing so awesome?Well,I tell you why.The former MVP is going to be the guy that comes off the bench,and is a scorer for them.If Kyrie Irving gets traded,well then Derrick will be the starter.He’ll probably average around twenty-two points per game alongside LeBron if he were to start.if Kyrie were to be traded they’d get a big man like DeMarcus Cousins,and that would scare the Warriors.They don’t have the big men that have an answer for DeMarcus Cousins.Rose will maybe come back to at least an all-star level player if Irving gets traded,and if everything goes right with not getting injuried,and the rest of the team.So getting Derrick Rose was also awesome because it was a steal.You only have to pay him 2.1 million dollars this year,and if he doesn’t pan out then you can just let him walk in Free Agency.The Cavs now seem in such a better situation now that they’ve signed Rose.They may have to trade Kyrie,but Derrick Rose is a nice backup plan.If Rose ends up playing well,he’ll earn his money next Summer somewhere else most likely,or maybe the Cavs will pay him his money.Who knows right now,but at least we know Derrick Rose alongside LeBron James,Kyrie Irving,and Kevin Love will be Finals contenders in 2018.

The trade that would’ve brought Kyrie Irving to the Chicago Bulls:What if Kyrie Irving was traded to the Chicago Bulls?

What if Kyrie Irving was traded to the Bulls?Here’s how the trade would’ve gone down.Here’s the trade:
Cavs Receive
Jimmy Butler
Eric Bledsoe
Suns Receive
Kevin Love
2017 Cavs 1st Round Pick
2018 Cavs 1st Round Pick
Bulls Recieve
Kyrie Irving
Iman Shumpert
One reason the trade didn’t go down is because Jimmy Butler was traded to the Timberwolves on draft night,instead of the Cavaliers.
The reason this trade didn’t happen is because Kyrie wanted to play with Jimmy Butler,and since he was a part of the trade,that’s why the move didn’t happen.Also the GM for the Cavs,David Griffin,the man who created this trade was fired.But what if it did happen?Well first lets look at the starting lineups for each team.Starting five with the Cavs:G:Eric Bledsoe G:JR Smith F:Jimmy Butler F:LeBron James C:Tristan Thompson.LeBron James is playing the four after this move,and I think he’d definitely be okay with that.Anyway,the Warriors have had success with small ball lineups forever.And anytime they want to sub out JR Smith they could put LeBron at the three,and put one of their backup big guys inat the four.The Suns lineup would be:G:Brandon Knight G:Devin Booker F:Josh Jackson F:Kevin Love C:Tyson Chandler.I think that Kevin Love would fit greatly with Devin Booker,and the Suns.The Bulls starting five:G:Kyrie Irving G:Dwyane Wade G:Iman Shumpert F:Bobby Portis (Nikola Mitotic?) C:Robin Lopez.I know Bulls fans would be sad losing Jimmy Butler (like they already have in real life),but at least they’re getting a top-three point guard in the NBA who’s only twenty-five.I do’t see any team losing this trade.So I’m going to end this by predicting the records for each of these teams if the trade went down.So I’d say the Cavs would win fifty-five games with their new defensive savior in Jimmy Butler.Make sure to take a look at his story on this website.LeBron would probably average around twenty-four points,eight rebounds,and eight assists.I’m going to say that Jimmy Butler will be the main scorer for the team,and Eric Bledsoe will score around sixteen points per game for them.Now for the Bulls sake,I’m going to go with thirty-seven wins for them in the weak Eastern Conference.Maybe they would get more wins,but we’ll never know because the trade never went down.The Suns,I can see winning forty-one games in the six to eight seed race in the Western Conference.I came up with this idea from watching videos,and reading some short articles about this.What are your thoughts if this trade were to go down?

Will Jayson Tatum win the Sixth Man of the Year?How good can he be with Gordon Hayward?How will the Celtics run four small forwards?

Since the Boston Celtics have four small forwards in Gordon Hayward,Jaylen Brown,Jae Crowder,and Jayson Tatum,How will they run an offense with four small forwards rotating in and out?I have a couple of questios that need to be answered in this post.Since Gordon Hayward will start at the small forward for the Celtics,could Rookie Small Forward Jayson Tatum win the Sixth Man of the Year?I don’t see him winning Rookie of the Year becuase he’s going to get a lot less minutes than probably most rookies,so that’s out of the conversation.Could I see him averaging fifteen points along with Gordon Hayward?Yes,I think he could.He’s one of those once in a liftetime scorers.So I can see him averaging fifteen points with Gordon Hayward.That’s how good he’ll be with Gordon Hayward.I don’t see him averaging twenty points per game with an all-star small forward in Gordon Hayward,and two other small forwards.Maybe one of them will get injured,and Tatum has to step up.It’s going to be interesting how they run their starting lineup now that shooting guard Avery Bradley is gone.I don’t see any other shooting guards on the team that can start.So if Tatum starts at the shooting guard I can see him averaging seventeen,but that’s only if he starts.Jaylen Brown will probably come off the bench,and Jae Crowder will run at the small ball four.So here’s my proposed lineup for the Celtics:G:Isaiah Thomas G:Jayson Tatum F:Gordon Hayward F:Jae Crowder C:Al Horford.How will the Celtics run their four small forwards?Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Can the Clippers trade for Kyrie Irving?

Can the Clippers trade for Kyrie Irving.Yes,I can see it happen,but I just don’t see DeAndre Jordan for Kyrie Irving.I honestly don’t know if this trade is great for either team,and I honestly don’t know if DeAndre Jordan will be the defensive savior for the Cavs.I can see a Patrick Beverley and a 2017 1st round pick.I don’t see the Cavs agreeing to this as they don’t get much else than a defensive point guard,and a first round pick.The Cleveland Cavaliers could do a trade like DeAndre Jordan,and tons of assets (young players,and draft picks) for Kyrie Irving and Channing Frye,or Patrick Beverley,and assets for Kyrie Irving and Channing Frye.The Clippers could be very good with Kyrie Irving,and star forward Blake Griffin,but I don’t see the Cavaliers agreeing to anything from the Clippers.Still,I honestly don’t know where Irving will land.But still, imagine a Kyrie Irving,and Blake Griffin pick and roll.So I don’t see any trade that Kyrie goes to the bright lights of LA.

Is Dennis Schroder a star?

Is Dennis Schroder a star?The Hawks starting point guard is considered a star in some people’s minds,but in some people’s minds he’s not.He averaged eleven points and a couple of assists until Hawks starting point guard Jeff Teague left,but after Teague left Schroder averaged eighteen points,and six assists this past season.The real answer is he’s a future star.He’s the only player that you can look forward to in the Hawks rebuild.Now that every single member of the Hawks’ 2015 lineup has left,it’s time to start a rebuild in Atlanta.He’s not a guy that’s going to amaze you every single play,but he’s a guy that kind of reminds me of Chris Paul.He’s a good player,not a great one.I don’t think he’s a star,but he’s a rising star.Here’s why.The good is that he’s a great jump shooter especially his mid range shot.His six assists per game aren’t awesome,but it’s good enough,for now at least.In the pick and roll he’s good,like most point guards.But here’s the bad.Here’s why he’s a rising star,not a real star.Shooting thirty-four percent from three is unacceptable.Just over three turnovers,is also unacceptable for a point guard.His playmaking ability,and shooting inside isn’t what you want to see from a guy that you want to be the leader of your rebuild.He is only twent-three years old,so I can see him getting better in some aspects of his game,but not all of them.So is Dennis Schroder a star?No,I wouldn’t say that.In my opinion,he’s a rising star.

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