Will Jayson Tatum win the Sixth Man of the Year?How good can he be with Gordon Hayward?How will the Celtics run four small forwards?

Since the Boston Celtics have four small forwards in Gordon Hayward,Jaylen Brown,Jae Crowder,and Jayson Tatum,How will they run an offense with four small forwards rotating in and out?I have a couple of questios that need to be answered in this post.Since Gordon Hayward will start at the small forward for the Celtics,could Rookie Small Forward Jayson Tatum win the Sixth Man of the Year?I don’t see him winning Rookie of the Year becuase he’s going to get a lot less minutes than probably most rookies,so that’s out of the conversation.Could I see him averaging fifteen points along with Gordon Hayward?Yes,I think he could.He’s one of those once in a liftetime scorers.So I can see him averaging fifteen points with Gordon Hayward.That’s how good he’ll be with Gordon Hayward.I don’t see him averaging twenty points per game with an all-star small forward in Gordon Hayward,and two other small forwards.Maybe one of them will get injured,and Tatum has to step up.It’s going to be interesting how they run their starting lineup now that shooting guard Avery Bradley is gone.I don’t see any other shooting guards on the team that can start.So if Tatum starts at the shooting guard I can see him averaging seventeen,but that’s only if he starts.Jaylen Brown will probably come off the bench,and Jae Crowder will run at the small ball four.So here’s my proposed lineup for the Celtics:G:Isaiah Thomas G:Jayson Tatum F:Gordon Hayward F:Jae Crowder C:Al Horford.How will the Celtics run their four small forwards?Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Can the Clippers trade for Kyrie Irving?

Can the Clippers trade for Kyrie Irving.Yes,I can see it happen,but I just don’t see DeAndre Jordan for Kyrie Irving.I honestly don’t know if this trade is great for either team,and I honestly don’t know if DeAndre Jordan will be the defensive savior for the Cavs.I can see a Patrick Beverley and a 2017 1st round pick.I don’t see the Cavs agreeing to this as they don’t get much else than a defensive point guard,and a first round pick.The Cleveland Cavaliers could do a trade like DeAndre Jordan,and tons of assets (young players,and draft picks) for Kyrie Irving and Channing Frye,or Patrick Beverley,and assets for Kyrie Irving and Channing Frye.The Clippers could be very good with Kyrie Irving,and star forward Blake Griffin,but I don’t see the Cavaliers agreeing to anything from the Clippers.Still,I honestly don’t know where Irving will land.But still, imagine a Kyrie Irving,and Blake Griffin pick and roll.So I don’t see any trade that Kyrie goes to the bright lights of LA.

Is Dennis Schroder a star?

Is Dennis Schroder a star?The Hawks starting point guard is considered a star in some people’s minds,but in some people’s minds he’s not.He averaged eleven points and a couple of assists until Hawks starting point guard Jeff Teague left,but after Teague left Schroder averaged eighteen points,and six assists this past season.The real answer is he’s a future star.He’s the only player that you can look forward to in the Hawks rebuild.Now that every single member of the Hawks’ 2015 lineup has left,it’s time to start a rebuild in Atlanta.He’s not a guy that’s going to amaze you every single play,but he’s a guy that kind of reminds me of Chris Paul.He’s a good player,not a great one.I don’t think he’s a star,but he’s a rising star.Here’s why.The good is that he’s a great jump shooter especially his mid range shot.His six assists per game aren’t awesome,but it’s good enough,for now at least.In the pick and roll he’s good,like most point guards.But here’s the bad.Here’s why he’s a rising star,not a real star.Shooting thirty-four percent from three is unacceptable.Just over three turnovers,is also unacceptable for a point guard.His playmaking ability,and shooting inside isn’t what you want to see from a guy that you want to be the leader of your rebuild.He is only twent-three years old,so I can see him getting better in some aspects of his game,but not all of them.So is Dennis Schroder a star?No,I wouldn’t say that.In my opinion,he’s a rising star.

Could the Cleveland Cavaliers win a Kyrie Irving-De’Aaron Fox trade?

After news broke out this morning that the Sacramento Kings had offerd rookie point guard De’Aaron Fox for Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving,the media went crazy.Irving averaged around twenty-five and a half points,and about six assists per game,during his best his season in his career this past season.Even though,the Kings said they have no interest in the trade anymore.Even though,now,they don’t have any interest in the trade anymore,I still feel that the trade is something that could happen.So if the trade were to go down,could the Cavs win that trade?
Here’s the trade:
Cavaliers receive:
De’Aaron Fox
Kosta Koufos
Kings Receive:
Kyrie Irving

Could they win that trade?If they get at least some decent picks they could at least get something in the draft.De’Aaron Fox is expected to be an amazing player,and if he’s next to someone like LeBron he can impact greatly from being with probably the best player of our generation.Fox could definitley be a guy who averages fifteen points alongside LeBron.I don’t know if they would win this trade because they’re giving up a top three point guard in the NBA who’s only twenty-five years old.Kyrie is like all of the Cavs offense,besides LeBron,and Kevin Love so ultimately I wouldn’t see them winning the trade,but it’s very close.De’Aaron Fox is a good player,but not to a Kyrie Irving level.They do win it in one big way as the Cavs’ cap situation greatly,and the picks that they had gotten will greatly impact the team,even if they aren’t great.Those picks could be nice bench pieces,or even starters down the road.If De’Aaron Fox turns into a star player,maybe they win the trade, in the long run at least,but for now the Kings would win that trade.

Why LiAngelo Ball will prove his dad wrong,and make the NBA

It’s no lie that the Ball family has become an internet sensation through this past year.Lonzo Ball,who has just graduated from UCLA will play for the LA Lakers as a rookie next basketball season.It’s no question that Lonzo is the best,oldest,and most popular Ball brother.The next most popular is LaMelo Ball.The youngest,known for his ninety-two point game this past season,and is one of the top players in the 2019 class.LiAngelo Ball,however,is the middle child.Only a 3-star recruit,who will play at UCLA next year.Internet meme,and the Ball father,LaVar Ball,told the media that LiAngelo Ball wouldn’t make the NBA.This is crazy,as I’m going to tell you why LiAngelo will make the NBA.One,LiAngelo is going to play for a great program,and have a great coach,Steve Alford,at UCLA.LiAngelo,unlike his other brothers is a forward so if he plays well he can create his own path.LiAngelo averaged 27.4 points per game in his final season at Chino Hills high school,so if LiAngelo leans on his scoring during his Freshman season at UCLA,then he can do as well as Lonzo did for the Bruins.He does need to improve his defense to become an NBA level player,though.And remember,LiAngelo has four years to play at the college level.He doesn’t have to be a one and done like his older brother,Lonzo,and his younger brother,LaMelo,will probably do the same.Their dad,LaVar,said that he wants his kids to get into the NBA as fast as possible,but maybe that’s as fast as LiAngelo Ball will get into the NBA.It may take him four years to be an NBA level player,but he can be an NBA player.So that’s why I think LiAngelo will prove his dad wrong,and make the NBA.Thank you guys for reading this,and I’m signing out.Peace.

The Top 10 NBA Shooting Guards of All-Time

10.Earl Monroe

Championships:1 (1973) MVPs:None

9.Reggie Miller

Championships:None MVPs:None

8.Ray Allen

Championships:2 (2008,2013) MVPs:None

7.George Gervin

Championships:None MVPs:None

6.Allen Iverson

Championships:None MVPs:2001

5.Clyde Drexler
Championships:1 (1995) MVPs:None

4.Dwayne Wade

Championships:3 (2006,2012,2013) MVPs:None

3.Jerry West

Championships:1 (1972) MVPs:None

2.Kobe Bryant

Championships:5 (2000,2001,2002,2009,2010) MVPs:1 (2008)

1.Michael Jordan
Championships:6 (1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998) MVPs:5 (1988,1991,1992,1996,1998)

From homeless to NBA Star:The Jimmy Butler Story

So what is up NBA fans?It’s Alley-OOP blogging here.I’ve taken tons of time to work on this new blog post,which will turn into a new series on this site,and today we take a look at one of the NBA’s most incredible stories.The Jimmy Butler story.

Early Life
“I don’t like the look of you.” “You better go.”, was the last thing Jimmy Butler rememebered his mom saying to him.Jimmy Butler at the age of thirteen was kicked out of the house with no family to take him in,no money,and no food,He had nothing.Jimmy did everything he could to stay alive,and would stay at friends house for weeks,and then he’d move on.It was devastating,very devastating,until Jimmy found basketball to save his life.

Basketball Gives Jimmy a New Opportunity
When Jimmy’s Senior season arrived,Jimmy’s recruitment started to pick up.No big time schools,but none of the top schools were after him.As it turned out,he met a Freshman,named Jordan Leslie,from the same city he was from,Tomball,Texas.After a Summer League game Jimmy challenged him to a three point contest.After that,the two became great friends as Jimmy became a regular at the Leslie household.Michelle Lambert,Leslie’s mom, who was unsure of the situation because she already had four kids,and money was tight.Jimmy was considered trouble,but that was only because he didn’t have money,or food,or any place to stay.The family agreed to let him stay,but it was only for one and two nights at time,and each kid got excited when it was Jimmy’s night to stay with them.The family,eventually, agreed to keep him full time.

A New Family
The family began to accept Jimmy as one of their own.He was expierencing what I real high school teenager should go through.Jimmy’s new mom,though,expected Jimmy to be a role model saying:I told him my kids look up to him.He had to stay out of trouble. Work hard in school. Set an example.And you know what?Jimmy did it.Anything I asked him to do he did it without asking questions.” Jimmy went on to have an amazing Senior season averaging 19.9 points per game,and 8.7 rebounds per game.Here’s what Jimmy had to say about his new family,and his mom in particular:“They accepted me into their family, and it wasn’t because of basketball. She was just very loving. She just did stuff like that. I couldn’t believe it.”

Jimmy’s feel good story was falling short
Despite his amazing Senior season,he didn’t gain any interest from Division One schools other than Mississippi State.He wasn’t on any scouts radar’s mainly because he didn’t play AAU ball.This didn’t get to him,as he enrolled at Tyler Junior College just down the road.He scored 34 points in his first conference game,and scored thirty and forty points some games during the season.

His fantastic season earned him honorable mention JUCO All-American and coaches all around the country began to take notice. The fantastic play gained offers from Kentucky, Clemson, Mississippi State, and Iowa State.

Jimmy now had a mom to go to for guidance and help him with this tough decision. Michelle played a key role in his decision to attend Marquette.

Here’s what Jimmy’s mom had to say about Marquette:“He had a lot of offer, but I was impressed by Marquette for academic reasons. That’s a great academic school. I told him he should go there because basketball may not work out long-term.He needed a good education and a degree to fall back on.”

With his mother’s guidance and help, Butler decided to opt for Marquette, but things got off to a rough start. Butler was accustomed to being the main guy, and a leader, but this was not the case at Marquette.

During his sophomore season, he was relegated to a role in which he found himself coming off the bench. This didn’t sit well with him. Often times, Jimmy wanted to leave and go home. Buzz Williams had this to say on Jimmy.

“I’ve never been harder on a player than I’ve been on Jimmy. I was ruthless on him because he didn’t know how good he could be. He’d been told his whole life he wasn’t good enough. What I was seeing was a guy who could impact our team in so many ways.

Jimmy averaged just 5.6 points in only 19.6 minutes of play that season for Marquette. He did not let that break him down as he continued to thrive and never give up, because that’s what he was accustomed to doing.

By the time Jimmy’s senior season came he was a solid contributor to the Golden Eagles averaging 15.7 points. He could rebound, handle the rock, pass, and play defense. His game resembled his personality off the court.

The 2011 NBA Draft came and Jimmy Butler was made the 30th pick overall by the Chicago Bulls. His hard work had finally paid off. He’s now considered a fantastic player in the NBA and there are no signs of him slowing down.

Butler went from homeless to NBA star in a matter of years. When asked about his childhood during the NBA Draft process he had this to say:

“Please, I know you’re going to write something. I’m just Asking you, don’t write it in a way that makes people feel sorry for me. I hate that. There’s nothing to feel sorry about it. I love what happened to me. It made me who I am. I’m grateful for the challenges I’ve faced. Please, don’t make them feel sorry for me.”

“It’s taught me that anything is possible, my whole life, people have doubted me. My Mom did. people told me in high school I’m too short and not fast enough to play basketball.They didn’t know my story. Because if they did, they’d know that anything is possible. Who would’ve thought that a small-town kid would become a halfway decent player in college and now has a chance to be drafted in the NBA? That’s my chip. That’s what motivates me. I know I Can overcome anything if I just take everything one day at a time.”

Jimmy Butler’s story is amazing.He’s now a 6’7 superstar in the NBA.He was traded from the Bulls,the team that drafted him,to the Minnesota Timberwolves.Jimmy starts a new chapter in his life.If he takes it a day at a time I know he can do it.Check out the article where I got my information at http://sportsmockery.com/2014/11/fromhomelesstonbastar/

Sources:Kyrie Irving seeks trade to evade LeBron

Cavs star guard Kyrie Irving told the Cleveland Cavaliers front office last week at a meeting that he wanted to be traded.Irving was a memeber of the Cleveland Cavaliers big three that has made three NBA Finals in a row.LeBron didn’t ever say anything about leaving,and now that Kyrie has said he wants to,LeBron is demanding Irving to stay.There is definitley something we don’t know right now about this situation.As we get more updates,on this situation I will blog about it.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in trouble:The trade that I think can change the Cavaliers. Looking at the Cavs and the team that traded with them after this trade

Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony in a three-team deal is no joke,but that’s not going to improve the Cavaliers lackluster defense.So a trade for a lockdown defender would be the best trade the Cleveland Cavaliers can make to make LeBron stay next Summer.Here’s the proposed trade:
Pistons Receive:
Kevin Love
J.R. Smith
Cavs Receive
Avery Bradley
2018 First Round Pick (Pistons)

Trade Analysis:Avery Bradley would be a great pickup for the Cavaliers because he can guard both guard spots.This will be a good thing as Kyrie Irving doesn’t have to chase Stephen Curry around all the time.Bradley can shoot,and bring the defensive mentality that Cleveland needs.Bradley could start right next to Kyrie Irving which would mean that the Cavs could trade Iman Shumpert for a better defenders,and more assets.They may have to start Channing Frye at the four,but at least they’re getting better at defense.After this trade let’s look at the Cavs proposed starting lineup:G:Kyrie Irving G:Avery Bradley F:LeBron James F:Channing Frye C:Tristan Thompson.On the Pistons side of things,Kevin Love can complement Andre Drummonds inside ability.Tobias Harris can step out to the three spot,and young forward Stanley Johnson can now come off the bench.Rookie Luke Kennard,or J.R. Smith could start,but since the Pistons are trading for Smith I’m going to start him.So here’s their starting lineup:G:Reggie Jackson G:J.R. Smith F:Tobias Harris F:Kevin Love C:Andre Drummond

Why losing Kevin Love isn’t a bad thing:Losing Kevin Love isn’t a bad thing because you’re getting better defense,you’re getting younger,and you’re improving a position of need.Kevin Love hasn’t honestly been the guy who put up twenty-six points and twelve rebounds in Minnesota.The Cavs, honestly need to get rid of him if he’s not being the best player like he was in Minnesota.Avery Bradley will greatly help their need of defense,athleticism,and improving the Cavs position need at the shootin guard position.Avery Bradley can help the Cavs more because he’s a guy that fits the Cavs needs.Even though this trade is probably not going to happen,nothing is impossible.

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